In 1998 we purchased our 1st Maine Coon.
Hooker is an awesome cat as you can see pictured here.
He is long, dripping in gorgeous shag coat and very large.
He was our introduction to the breed and the start of our love for the
Maine Coons.
We have been breeding these amazing felines since and are proud
of the kittens we are able to offer.
Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

All of our breeding cats are NEGATIVE for the MyBPC HCM
(heart disease)
Gene Mutation!
We are very proud of this beautiful classic brown
poly. He has extreme markings, paint brush ear
tips and will be a very big boy.  We knew when
he was born that Bronson would be a keeper!!

As an adult he weighs 25 lbs.
He is my pride and joy!

Talon is a gorgeous classic silver tabby that we are so pleased to add to our breeding

This is a young shaded cameo.
At 5 + months old he weighs 13 lbs.
He has a great ruff started and nice ear tips.
Eli will certainly be a nice addition to our
breeding program.  Born here and will stay here.
Will prove to be one of my larger males.
This to die for beauty is our Polish import.  Long and lean with great ear set and amazing coat.  We are very excited to
see what Dyce adds to our breeding program.
Contact info: Robbi & Jerry Lamb
Phone# 256)475-5262
Fax# 256)475-6222
This beauty is a large, full coated
poly male.  Talon has the
sweetest personality you'll ever
find in a cat.

These pictures do NOT due him

He's our "Mush".......
   Large boned classic brown tabby.
With a big personality to match his size!!
Above as a kitten.  Now he has a head like
a basketball; maybe I should have named
him Michael Jordan.......
This gorgeous cameo
male is a 4 paw poly.  
He is larged boned
with a great head.
Although he looks
white, he has a few hip
hairs that take him out
of the solid white class.

Remington Steele