There are many myths of the Maine Coons origin. Some believe them to be the result of mating in Maine between semi-wild
domestic cats and raccoons (a genetic impossibility), hence the name.
While others believe that a cat was brought by ship to Maine by a certain Captain Coon, and that it escaped, lived in the woods
and mated with the semi-wild domestic cats.
It is North America’s only natural longhair breed, and the state of Maine’s official cat.


The temperament of a Maine Coon is sometimes described as independent. They will stay close as to investigate your activity
and offer assistance if needed. They are a loyal companion and will follow you through out the house.
I say it is, as if, you have a feline dog. Some love the water, some love walks with a harness and leash. Others will treasure a ride
in the car while some Maine Coons will just like to be a big, I will let you touch me tomorrow, gentle giant of the cat family. They
will laze around and amaze you with their regal being.
They are a mixture of elegance and ruggedness, wildness and gentleness.


The Maine Coon, one of the largest breeds of domestic cats, is often referred to as the gentle giant of the cat family. The Maine
Coons have a large head, high cheekbones and square muzzle. Ears are large and set high with nice lynx tipping. Eyes are large
and oval in shape. The tail is extremely long, full and plume. Their coat is semi long and shaggy.
Due to their large size these beautiful cats are slow to mature, not reaching full growth until three to five years of age.
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Legends of the Maine Coon.

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