It has been suggested that we offer a page so people can read comments and customers experience with
Backwoods.  We asked for and received the following.  Please feel free to offer any comments and we will update as
needed. We hope this offers the confidence and assurance that we are the place to come for your
Maine Coon
Hi Robbi,

It was wonderful to meet you and your husband today, I have so much respect for you both after seeing your Beautiful Cattery & how professionally you
both run it - such a beautiful set up for the Kings, the Queens, the Queens with babies, the recently weaned babies etc. What a great place & I love how
‘Simba’ was so gentle laying up against your chest, & then did the same thing to me! He was so perfect in the car, it took about 2 1/2 hours to get to the
motel and he did absolutely wonderful the entire time - and warmed up and began playing on & in the bed, and fell asleep with me In my bed, and my sister
Tawny took him about 2 hours later & put him In the bathroom with this crate, the blankets& litter box. And he walked around a bit and got back in his crate
and fell asleep. Thanks again for everything.
Totally impressed by all you both do!!
Tammy  VA.  Nov.2020

Hi, Robbi and Jerry,
Our new boy is making himself at home.  We have been to the vet and will be going back in three weeks for the last kitten vaccines.
My son keeps saying "We really got lucky with this one"  because he is the most social and affectionate kitten we have ever had.  I suspect it is not luck,
but a breeder who pays attention to temperament and who socializes their kittens thoroughly.
Thank you very, very much!
Be well,
Susan  Atlanta, GA  Oct. 2020
We have two of your great cats. We have had no health problems. Barfield and Bailey are the light of our lives. Barfield has grown to be a very large cat and
he is so sweet. Bailey is a loving, purring machine. I cannot imagine my life without them. Thank you Robbi..  Laura  10-2020
Finding Backwoods Maine Coons was an answer to prayer! From the first conversation I had with Robbi it was evident I was dealing with a personable,
competent and conscientious breeder. Robbi could not have been more encouraging and supportive; communication with updates was excellent! Our
Backwoods Maine Coon kitten is perfect in every way and has filled a void left behind from losing our 20+ year old kitty two years ago. I wasn’t sure that
was possible until bringing our sweet Anne E Belle home! My family is so thankful for Robbi and Jerry and their efforts in raising these beautiful creatures
to bring so much joy into the lives of others. We’ve been richly blessed by Robbi and Jerry, and will continue to be, for many years to come!  

Vicki Lynn -- Kentucky June 2020
We recently decided we wanted another Backwoods Maine Coon to accompany our big beautiful classic brown tabby who is now 9 years old.  As luck
would have it, when I checked the Backwoods Maine Coons page, there was a perfect solid black male recently born and available.  A few weeks later we
made the journey up to the Gadsden, AL area and welcomed Bacchus to our family.  He is SO SWEET and playful.  He purrs if I touch him or even look at
him, and he stays right next to me all day.  Just like our first Maine Coon experience, Robbi and Jerry made the entire process so smooth and simple once
again.  We highly recommend this Maine Coon breeder!  

Paul and Thomas  June 2020
Baton Rouge, LA
We are so glad we chose to get our Maine Coon with Robbi. The communication is easy. We are a first time kitten family and she helped walk us through
what we would need and why and helped ensure Isla was the right kitten for my family.  Robbi has even followed up with emails and calls to answer
questions and just to check in. Isla, our calico girl, is stunning and is such a love bug. In about 24 hours of having her home she was fully in charge of the
family and we are beyond smitten.  

Thanks Robbi!  ��
Julie May 2020

I can not thank you enough for our sweet Cotton kitten!! We had no idea what we were getting into with a kitten. I had researched and thought we were
prepared but I have quickly found out we were not prepared!! I assumed he would kind of do his own thing mix in come around some. But WOW in the week
we have had Cotton we have completely fallen in love! He is our best little buddy and so so sweet!! I was worried about the boys and how he would react
with a 5 and 3 year old but he likes them more than us!! Our Vet said he is perfect in every way and won’t need a vaccine for 8 more days!! Parasite free
and just a purring machine!!
Thank you again!!

Madison -  Alabama 03-2020
I am so happy and proud of our newest family member, Jewels. I could not has ask for a more perfect kitten. She is so lovable and beautiful. Thank you for
raising such beautiful and healthy Maine Coon kittens. You where so easy, fun and professional to deal with. Your home and cattery are beautiful. Jewels is
so awesome I may have to come back and get another kitten.
Vickie/Florida.  03-2020
"Thank you Robbi Lamb and Backwoods Maine Coons.  You have gorgeous, sweet, and spunky babies.  We have been blessed to be able to have 2 of these
sweeties.  If you are looking for a Maine Coon that is beautifully colored, larger in frame and FUN to own...well, this is the best breeder around.  Backwoods
loves their cats and it shows in how their cats act towards them and with their other cats!!!"   Dawn M.  Dec. 2019
Hi Robbi,  Took Oliver to the Vet this afternoon and after all the oohs and aahs he sailed trough his physical with flying colors, actually he scored "Optimal"
in every category.  The Vet said he's "a sturdy, anxiety free, adorable kitten and will grow to be a very handsome adult"
His personality is so perfect I'm enjoying every minute with him, I've always been a dog person but I can safely say I'm a covert to everything Maine Coon.
You've been so terrific throughout the entire adoption experience I couldn't be happier. I know one of these days I will be back for another one of your
beautiful babies.  Thanks again to you and Jerry for everything !!!   Sandy, (Jupiter, FL)  10-2019
Robbi and Jerry Lamb are the nicest, most patient, honest, fun and informative people you will ever want to meet.  We went through a long experience
together before I got my perfect girl Mocha.  Life events kept getting in the way, but we hung in there together and Robbi kept me updated with upcoming
litters.  Then one day she called and said the baby I had waited for was born that day!  Mocha is a gorgeous tortie four-paw poly; exactly what I wanted!  
She is big and sweet with beautiful markings.  Her ear tips are perfect, her tail is full and stunning when she holds it high in the air or lets it dangle off
whatever perch she is sitting on.  Best of all she never leaves my side.  She follows me everywhere and turns on her motor the second I touch her.  She is
not skittish at all and greets every single person who enters our home, and especially loves to play with our grandson.  She is gentle with him, never
putting her claws out when playing.  I had not had a cat for almost 17 years, and never a Maine Coon, so I had tons of questions.   Robbi answered every
one of them patiently and reassured me I would love whatever baby I ended up with.  Not only is that completely true, but my husband who is a dog person,
has also fallen in love with Mocha.   When she isn’t with me, she is with him. I would recommend Robbi and Jerry to anyone looking for a big, healthy,
gorgeous cat with a great personality.  She loves them like kids, and it shows in Mocha’s behavior.   Thanks for a fantastic experience and our stunning
Maine Coon.   Stacy 9-2019  Colorado.
After searching for a reputable Maine Coon kitten breeder online, I discovered backwoodszoocrew.com, highly recommended by the CFA.  I inquired, via
their website, about a male kitten, on a Sunday no less.  I was pleasantly surprised to receive a phone call from Robbi a couple of hours later filling my
inquiry - totally not what I am used to with a breeder.  She and I had a 30+ minute conversation about Maine Coons and our experiences.  I immediately felt
a trusting connection with her.

My husband and I have purchased 4 Maine Coon kittens from another cattery and my experience with Robbi was exemplary in comparison.

We made the 4 hour drive from Franklin, TN on January 5th, 2019, to the most beautiful mountain retreat we’ve ever seen.  Robbi and her husband Jerry
were exactly what we expected following several conversations about the kitten we had reserved, and their facilities are stellar!  Our Wembley is the
cutest, sweetest and most mischievous kitten we’ve ever had the pleasure of parenting and has become an integral part of our Maine Coon family in less
than a week.

Robbi and Jerry have won the prize of being our preferred breeders; their knowledge, experience and compassion far outweigh our past experiences!  We
will absolutely not hesitate to purchase another baby (or multiple babies) from them in the future.  They rock!

Sincerely with Maine Coon everlasting love,

Jeri & Michael  1-16-19
Franklin, TN
Ah. Where to start. After having a horrific two years...........Mooch, our Boston Terrier and I, decided we needed some joy in
our lives. That joy came in the form of Robbi and Jerry and our stunning red and white kitten, Moggy. Robbi guided me (held
my hand) throughout the not very easy process of transporting him to the chilly north woods of northern Wisconsin. Robbi is
a real treat. She’s kind, extraordinarily knowledgeable, honest as the day is long, clearly loves her animals to bits.
Unshakable in the face of a lunatic new mom (me) and always available for consult and support. I’m grateful to my friend,
Linda, a very happy mom to two of Robbi’s kittens, for referring me to Backwoods Maine Coons. Moggy is fitting right in and
is already doing a great job of bringing love and laughter to our home. Thank you, Robbi
Elaine 12-2018    Wisconsin
Hi Robbi & Jerry!

Tippi & Toto have been an ABSOLUTE JOY to have around since I brought them home! They were both under my bed half most of the time the first 2 days,
but have become much more comfortable as the days have gone by. Tippi was more comfortable around me than Toto was at first, but Toto has been
making great strides every day. I honestly think Tippi has ‘coached’ Toto that all is well and everything will be ok. He wouldn’t let me touch him the first 2
days, but today I had to pick him up to get him out of my curtains and he’s starting to hang around me one-on-one more. ��
I can’t tell you how happy I am buying 2 kittens instead of 1. If any of your customers are ever teeter-tottering over this decision, please feel free to give
them my email and I can explain this one away! They play together NON-STOP, eat together, sleep together, use the litter box together (yes, at the same
time), they call for each other when the other isn’t in sight, are super fun to watch and I honestly think it’s helped the adjustment period go much, much
smoother. Toto can get a little rough when playing with Tippi, but don’t let her size fool you… she lets him know when he’s being rough and he backs
Thank you again for making the purchase of these little fur babies go as smooth as you did. I still think back to all your cats and how well they’re loved &
cared for; they’re all stunning and always camera-ready! There’s no doubt I will recommend Backwoods Maine Coons to anyone looking for a Maine Coon
kitten. I’ve already had several of my friends comment on their beauty!

M. Schroeder Atlanta, GA.  11-2018
There is a reason Robbi has the certificate of excellence from CFA. She loves and adores her kittens. They are social beautiful healthy cats. We got 2
kittens from Backwoods cattery and they are the best cats I have ever owned. I still at times reach out to a Robbi to ask her questions about the cats and
she continues to be very responsive and helpful. I would highly recommend Backwoods Maine Coons to anyone looking to add a beautiful loving healthy cat
to their house hold.
Thanks for everything Robbi
Roz     Colorado     Sept. 2018
To Robbi and Jerry

We wanted to let you know that Rascal is all we expected and more. Meeting you and Jerry changed my life for the best. I missed my other cat so bad that I
was upset and My Rascal has made my heart whole again. He is comical, enchanting and just pure love. We thank you so much. Love always your friends
Pam, Mark and Rascal.

PS Our vet told us that we had one of the healthiest, and beautiful big coons that he has seen

PPS We may want another handsome male. Your Cattery was amazing!

Pam & Mark  Florida July 2018
My husband, David, and I were thinking of getting a kitten, and were considering a Maine Coon.  So for a date day, we made an appointment with Jerry and
Robbi Lamb at Backwoods Cattery.  

When we drove up into the driveway, we were greeted by the Lambs and their pups.  An hour and a half later, we were convinced we had to get a kitten
from Backwoods.  Jerry and Robbi were so kind and patient, and answered all our many questions about the breed.  They were very knowledgeable, but
more importantly, very passionate about their kitties.  

A few weeks and emails later, we went back to Backwoods to pick up our Smitty.  He has been a total delight, and has fit in beautifully with our other kitty,
Ridley.  David’s already talking of the next one we get from Backwoods.  Looks like we may have to buy a bigger house�� Maggie & David P    06-2018
I wanted the perfect dog cat. So as a partnership we set out in search, looking at what seemed like 100’s of breeders across the united states. While
making plans for a Thanksgiving trip to Alabama to see my older sibling the topic of Backwoods zoo crew came up and Centre Alabama being 30 mins
away. After thanksgiving was done and the rest of the visit in play, we set of to visit our first in person breeder.

When we arrived at the address there are a selection of signs that are in the beginning confusing but after 5 mins with Jerry and Robbi, make total sense.
As the driveway came to and end your parking place is stops right at the beginning of the outside cabins (I thought) but were their enclosures for their
cats. As we got out we met jerry and his few dogs that he assured us would lick us to death before any harm. We started our tour outside and viewing the
enclosures that no more than three cats shared, but had more than enough space, these enclosures are huge and very beautiful. My first impressions
were holly cow this place is like none other we had seen. I believe around ten enclosures all together with some of the most amazing cats I had ever seen.
You could tell just in general conversation with Jerry how much he and his wife cared for these cats. With every question we asked he was able to answer
and give even more info regarding what we asked. I had made my mind up before we had a chance to meet his wife Robbie that this is were we would
purchase our next cat. As our tour ended outside we moved inside….to the kitten area. I’m a bigger guy 6’3 280…I was transformed into a little girl!!!! I
became lost in my decision on which to try and hold first. As you enter this building there is a room directly to your right that is a kitten heaven. They do
such an amazing job at caring and maintaining this room for these kittens that when you walk in its almost like they are asking you” why are you here this
is our play room” everyone of the kittens turned and gave us the stare of confusion and confidence that is part of their breed and a show of how much jerry
and Robbie interact and sure these guys and gals to be comfortable in themselves which is awesome. We looked at a few and I tried to hold them all but as
luck has it we didn’t see any we agreed on in this kitten heaven room. As we sat and asked questions Jami who had an orange cat craving asked if they
had any ginger kittens available…yes, they had three and a smoke colored in the other room. So, as we ventured into their bathing and birthing room we
noticed two kittens and an adult in the first enclosures and made our way to the back corner were three gingers and a grey kitten with a ginger stripe
down his face came sprawling out. We played and joked and chased kittens for about an hour and assured these lovely owners that we would talk and be
in touch with them….

On our way out, the room headed for our car, I stopped, and the adult female cat had re adjusted herself and a multi colored kitten, that was hidden, made
herself known. I was stuck watching this kitten and when she turned to us I knew then that this was our Maine coon. Now Jami had not seen her yet and
when I asked her to check her out she fell as in love as I did. Se was brand new and had no shots so we weren’t allowed to hold or touch this queen, but I
can assure you we had taken more pics of here than allowed I think!!!! We asked if she had been claimed and we were told she was not but that she was
an only kitten in the liter and that her mom had had just her, we knew we needed this kitten so again we assured them we would be in touch and as they
walked us to our car I made it known to them that when we made our purchase it would be done with this breeder because of how they made us feel and
how we could tell how much they loved and cherished all of these majestic animals, before we made it out of the drive way we had here named already
and had an email to Robbie assuring here we were in........ enterd our “Frenchy”

The waiting process seemed like forever…. I couldn't take it at times but when we asked they sent pics…and info on her health and weight and did just
everything to make us feel super involved. When we got the call that she was ready we drove all night from St Louis to Alabama and when we arrived they
greeted us like family from out of town which was an awesome feeling. We showed up a little after their closing and spent about an hour going over her
records as me and jerry loved on our new girl you could tell these folks had grown attached to her as much as we planned to, as we left they waved us
away like family and I can honestly say we feel the same way. Thank you, Robbie, and Jerry, for introducing us to your fur babies and we look forward to
future visits as we are family!!!

Clayton & Jami
Jan. 2018
Hi Robbi,
It’s been a month since my angels have blessed my life. They are curled up against each other and sleeping right now. Best buddies. Both are healthy and
have gained close to 2 pounds each.  My search for a Maine Coon started several months ago, lots of back and forth with rescue agency’s and different
catterys. Above the printed words and pictures there pretty much the same. If you’re looking for a connection with the person on the other end then I
strongly recommend you end your search at Backwoods. Robbi and Jerry the people on the other end and the kittens Ginger (Bernadette)and Noel
(Penelope)are my angels. Backwoods was my choice over a dozen different catterys because of the connection with Robbi. But I’m just a regular joe you
make the choice!!!    L. MEYER 1-2018    California

Dear Robbi and Jerry,

Well, we have our new kitties, Bert and Ernie, and we couldn't be happier with them! We weren't expecting to find our new fur kids for quite some time and
were prepared to wait while I searched high and low. I contacted numerous breeders throughout the states. Most replied-and replied with helpful
suggestions of where to look further if they could not be of help in our particular search. Some did not reply at all, even to inquiries about particular kittens
up for sale.

But then I found you and your cattery late one work night when I stayed up waay later than I should have, hoping to find the breeder who would have "our"
kitties. At the time, you did not have any black kittens posted, but since your queens produced black, I Emailed you. You promptly Emailed me back the very
next day, and low and behold, YOU HAD A BLACK KITTEN! What luck, hallelujah, and thanks be to God! Your tone and words were so sweet, and you made
yourself completely available to us, providing pictures of the kittens, a description of their relationship, etc. We just felt so comfortable from beginning to
end with the whole process with you! Phone calls were immediately answered, questions patiently and so kindly answered, giddy giggles of joy and
excitement from us also patiently endured! When the freak snow storm hit Alabama the Friday they were supposed to be shipped, you contacted us six
ways from Sunday to make sure we didn't show up at the airport looking for the kittens. We were so bummed that day, but you got those boys--and four
more--onto a plane on the Monday following.

When we finally got the kittens home late Monday night and let them out of the carrier, they immediately wanted to play and explore. No shyness here! It's
been a party ever since.

Thank you, Robbi and Jerry, for making our home "fun" again. The kittens are healthy and happy and full of energy. The vet check was all thumbs up, and
everyone had to come and see them in the examining room. I look forward to keeping in touch with updates on Bert and Ernie--our two Maine Coonies from
Backwoodszoocrew! You guys are the best.

Many, many thanks for everything,

Karen and Chuck Nielsen
Aptos, California
Garfield has adjusted great and is such the lover you described.

I had been looking for a Maine Coon but I had specifics I wanted. I wanted a polydactyl, male, and orange. The problem with looking on-line is most of the
time the websites are not updated and I spent about 2 months of running into this problem. I would see a kitten I was interested in and once I inquired it
was always spoken for. When I came across Backwoods website and seen "Chester", I just knew he was not going to available; to my delight he was
available. Robbi was super quick to respond, even when she was in the hospital recovering from hip surgery! She continued to keep great contact with me
and keeping me updated every step of the way, including pictures of the growing kitty. He has been everything she described and more. He is big, beautiful,
loving, and well socialized.        

Regards, Pippi Jones- California 12-2017
Hey Robbi!
Gabriel now named “Django” is doing great!! His first vet visit went wonderfully.  He’s very healthy & happy. He’s been wonderful. Going to the litter box well,
eating well, and playing with all of us well. My other cats are still warming up to him, but I think it will only be a matter of time & they’ll be playing together.
We just love him! Thank you so much for all your help! Merry Christmas to you & yours!

My best,
Laura Hall 12-2017
Hello Robbi, Thank you so much for our beautiful blue Maine Coon kitten. She is very happy, confident and wonderful with our kids. You and your husband
were very kind to us. Thank you for the pictures and updates along the way. We would recommend your cattery for anyone looking for a very loving pet.  
We can see that our little Blueberry was loved and adored before we got her. It shows in her sweet temperament. She is an amazing, loving kitten. Thank
you again.  The Lackeys November 2017
What a beautiful place for a Cattery, Centre Alabama....and only 400 miles away from our home in Louisiana!  We found the backwoodszoocrew.com and
we were hooked.  We knew we wanted a Maine Coon Kitten and looked at all those available on line.  After speaking to Jerry, and then to Robbi, we knew
they were our kind of folks.  Of course, they are Alabama fans and we are a  mix of LSU and Mississippi State, but that didn’t matte,r because we were
looking for the perfect kitten...and this is where we found it.  We drove 800 miles in one day to pick up our Suga Booga  and return home.  We were amazed
at the fantastic cattery and the 22 acres of beauty, of course, traveling the road in to their home is an experience and we kept laughing at the signs!
We are so happy with our kitten and soon realized that Robbi fed her kittens the best of food and NuVet Plus...after we ordered our batch on Amazon and
paid the piper.  Our niece said, “How do you know she is a reputable dealer?”  I answered, “ I like talking to her on the phone, she sends photos of our
kitten every few weeks, and the testimonials on her website speak for themselves!  And to seal the deal...she gave me a purple t-shirt with cats on the it!!!  
It doesn’t get any better than that.  Many thanks to Robbi & Jerry for raising such a healthy, precious kitten, just for us.

John & Mary Boulware
Bogalusa, La.12-2017
Robbie and her husband have the most beautiful environment for their cattery. It looks like a jungle cat zoo. The animals are very well taken care of. They
all have very spacious living areas. You can tell they have a true passion for theses cats. You can see the love they put into this place. My baby Boris is just
what I asked for back when I contacted Robbie. I told her what I had in mind for a look and color and she superseded my expectations. If anyone wants a
Maine Coon I would highly recommend them.
Thanks so much,
Manuela Golden    June 2017
Hello Robbi!

Just a note of thanks for loving and caring for our little blue tabby Bess "the mess" until we could pick her up. She is a true delight and adjusting quickly to
her new surroundings.
We want anyone looking for a  Maine Coon kitten to know that your property is Beautiful and the homes for all your adult cats are amazing. The birthing
area for the females is pristine and indoors. The cages are huge, clean and have everything mom's and kittens need those first few weeks. We loved the
fact that the babies get to leave Mama and go to a nursery where they can play and interact with plenty of other healthy happy kitties the last few weeks
until their new parents pick them up.

We had a wonderful experience with you and Jerry and would recommend your kittens to anyone interested. We hope to get a second Maine Coon and
would only get it from you.

Thank you,
Janet and Hurcey Toney          June 2017
Mrs Robbi,
I hope that all is well with you and Mr Jerry!  We just want to let you know what a blessing Samson has been to our family!! We truly could not have asked
for a better baby!! He is the most loving rotten BIG baby and boy does he love his momma ��!!
We really do thank y'all for your kindness and hospitality when we came to pick up our baby!! Y'all surely made the process so easy and enjoyable!! Me and
my husband couldn't get over how beautiful and well kept your cattery is and we look forward to hopefully coming back to see y'all again in the future for
another beautiful baby! Samson is literally like our child with fur he is very loved and trust me he knows it! Our little girl is almost 5 and totes him around
like he is a doll (a very big one...almost as big as she is might I add) he never fusses or complains, he takes it like a champ ��! Thank you again Mrs Robbi
you and your husband are awesome!!

Chris, Brandi, and Adalynn Luebbers  March 2017
When we first talk to Robbi and bought our first Maine Coon kitten, and she told us that once you get a Maine Coon cat you will never get another kind of
cat. We thought well you don't hear that everyday. We just got our third kitten from Robbi!! Her kittens, her website and pictures everything from start to
finish are the up most best. And as far as the kittens, like Robbi told us once you get a Maine Coon you might not get another breed of cat, from being
majestic, to your best friend to just socializing with the family they are just amazing cats.

Mark and Carrie
Blackstone, MA.   3-2017
We recently brought home our second kitten from Backwoods Kennel and Cattery and could not be more satisfied with the whole process, from the
picture updates to picking them up and bringing them home! Robbi and her husband are amazing people who really love every animal in their care as if they
were their own and have a beautiful, well kept facility. Both cats have come home with us and fit right in as if they were always there. Neither was the least
bit afraid of our dogs and had no problems finding the litter box and using it immediately. Our male is now almost 4 and pushing 25 pounds. Absolutely
beautiful and as sweet as can be! We are so thankful to have found the Backwoods Zoo Crew and will without a doubt be back!

Jordyn 11-12-16

Robbi and Jerry Lamb are absolutely the best!!! Their Cattery/Kennel is the most amazing place I've ever seen. The animals live in the best imaginable
setting-a beautiful mountain top retreat. Their animals are all friendly and you are greeted by the welcoming committee upon arrival!!! The committee
consists of Robbi and Jerry, several dogs and cats who are genuinely happy to have a pat on the head and then provide you with a personally guided tour
after that-canine, feline and human!!  Although you might skip attempting to pat the heads of the humans as they prefer hugs! ��
We adopted a retired queen named Autumn and her baby we named Apache. If ever anyone gets the opportunity to adopt a mom and baby, please do it. It is
the best for both cats-ours are absolutely inseparable. They have the most beautiful, loving relationship.
It is such a joy to watch their interaction.
It's obvious, but I'll say it-- we HIGHLY recommend Robbi and Jerry and their wonderful Backwoods Zoo Crew Cattery and Kennel !!!

Best Regards,
Frank and Sherry Evans  11-2016
Dear Robbie,

I wanted to encourage anyone who is looking for a Maine Coon Kitten to look at Backwood’s Kennel and Cattery before making a final decision.    The
operation at Backwoods is unlike any I have ever encountered.  The Kennel is not a kennel, but a home and habitat for animals, this is not a business type
facility, but a family run operation where all of the animals are family to Robbi and Jerry.  Your kitten will be loved and played with in their environment for
an extensive time before they arrive to their forever home with you.  I do not know how they do this but you cannot smell any odor on the premises, we
went into their home to meet their personal animals and it was the same there.  Their operation is the cleanest, most organized place I have ever seen,
with trees and steps for the cats to go up into the rafters for a peaceful moment.
I would personally recommend this kennel to anyone looking for a pet.  The owners are so personable, I feel as though I have known them for a lifetime.


My experience with Backwoods cattery has been wonderful.  They are kind and thoroughly professional folks and they take excellent care of both their
animals and their clients. I bought my first Coon kitten from them in 2015 and he has grown into a very sweet and gentile giant named Khufu. He is a real
love bug and his health is excellent. I was so thrilled with him that I got another kitten this year and the Lambs worked with me to find just the right cat, a
lovely polydactyl brown tabby kitten named Ramesses who is sweet and adorable. Both cats are in excellent health and it is obvious from visiting the Lamb’
s kennel and cattery why their animals are healthy because they have a thoroughly professional facility for caring for their cats and dogs and their health
and wellbeing is the Lamb’s first priority. I had a bad experience with a breeder in Arkansas so I was relieved to find the Lamb’s cattery. They are
absolutely first rate in the care and quality of their animals and in their service to their clients.
July 2016

Dr. Peter J. Brand
Dunavant Professor of Ancient History
Director, Karnak Hypostyle Hall Project
University of Memphis
I recently got two maine coon kittens from Robbi at Backwoods Cattery. I can't say how happy I am with both of them. They are just amazing cats and
everything u would want in a cat and more. When I first started the process I lost my doll face Persian from a sudden heart attack at the groomers.  I was
devastated of the lost & everyone said I should get another. So I decided to look and Backwoods came up on my search for a calico maine coon. She was
just born so I sent the link to my bf ask his thoughts and he put the deposit right away. And then surprised me with the male as well. Their names now are
Cayden and Cayley they are 5 months and seriously the best personality they have and I have had cats my whole life. I would definitely recommend this
breeder, she was very helpful through this experience and very knowledgeable as well. Thanks again Robbi and Jerry.                               
Michelle.                                                                   Hamilton N.J.  July 2016

When you and I first started our journey together, my heart was breaking.  My half Maine Coon, who was 19, was dying and I was devastated.  I knew I
could never go without a fur baby.....so I started looking at websites.  Because of their dispositions, I wanted another Coonie.  I had followed your site for a
long time.  The timing just fell into place.  I lost Moe and had contacted you in tears.  You held my hand and helped me get through a very horrible
experience and made this so much easier on me.  I feel that your personal touch with your babies (I don't see them as animals and neither do you) as well
as your love, passion and knowledge for this breed shines, which is why I picked you and came from Florida to get my baby.  I felt from day one you were
the one....I know that sounds crazy, but we connected.  You sent me pictures during the whole process....which also helped me heal.  This kitten, you can
tell, was very loved by you.  He took up with me the second I got there.  This comes from the qualities a breeder should have.....you can tell this is not a
"breed and go".  You guys have put a lot of love, time and passion into your business and it definitely shows.  Like I said, I flew to get him and personally
picked him up....I wanted to see where my baby boy came from.  He came from a beautiful, well maintained, peaceful and loving home.  Very well adjusted
baby and we love him so much.  I would HIGHLY recommend you and already have.  Most beautiful kitten I have ever seen, everyone that sees him says the
same thing!  I think we were destined to meet and I so so happy we did.  I am a loyal client now...forever.  Thank you for being you.....awesome!  Have
anyone even thinking about going somewhere else to get a kitten call me.......I have no problem sharing my story!  Can't say enough good things.......my
heart is overflowing with love right now.
Andi Hays May 2016
One week ago my family and I went and picked up our first ever Maine Coon. Claudia has been nothing but a delight ever since. I only heard of Maine Coons
months prior, and after researching them I had to have one. I went on a hunt and found a few different catteries, but Backwoods kept drawing me in. I saw
something that I wasn't seeing on other sites, and that was passion. After contacting Robbi I knew this is where I would purchase my angel from. Robbi
and Jerry love what they do. The animals are their kids. The process was definitely for the benefit of the animals, and I knew I would adopt a healthy baby.  
Most pets you get at 6 weeks old, and are not ready for the transition. Not from Backwoods tho. My Claudia and litter mates went to the kitten room until
they were ready for their forever home. Robbi was a delight to communicate with, and she puts a lot of effort into the photos she sends to the soon to be
parents. She educated me on the best care for my new baby, and I was very eager for her professional advice. I was extremely impressed at the facilities
when picking up Claudia. They were very well laid out, showing a lot of care, and a lot of time goes into the breeding and raising of these animals. If you are
reading this trying to decide if this is where you should make your purchase, then look no further. You have definitely  come to the right place.

Kathy Stone
Northwest AL
February 2016
I have been a Maine Coon owner and lover of the breed since I acquired my first male kitten in 1993.  Unfortunately I no longer have him because of cancer.  
Since then I had 3 more, 1 male and 2 females.  I still have my girls but I lost my male recently and unexpectedly.  I knew I wanted another male kitten.  I
also knew I had certain criteria including going further from home to find him.  I searched the websites of many catteries, talked to some, read about many
others and the descriptions of their catteries and moved on.
I searched for several weeks going from state to state looking for a cattery within driving distance that had what I was looking for.  My final choice was
Backwoods and it wasn’t exactly driving distance but I scratched that as I found what I knew was the right cattery/breeder.  I talked to Robbi several times
and I felt she knew me and why I needed this kitten.  She was honest, helpful with suggestions and information. Her sense of humor was much the same
as mine and it made discussing things very easy.
I definitely liked the fact that the kittens were not raised in the bedroom and the rest of the house but instead in a more controlled environment.  Her
location and buildings were in my opinion the best for raising healthy animals and her philosophy of treatment and methods were mine.  I also liked the
length of time she keeps the kittens before they go to their new homes.
We had many discussions and I thought about waiting for another litter but instead I now have a kitten that is a color I had never considered.  My black cat
is a cuddler, playful, well socialized and I love him.  My girls are beginning to realize that he is here to stay and are trying to accept him.  He wants to play
with them and they are beginning to accommodate him on a short term basis.  The socialization of the kitten was very important to me and Jerry and Robbi
certainly fulfilled that requirement.  
He came by air and before we left the airport I took him out to check on him.  He came out of the crate into my arms as though he was a frequent flyer.  He
had no fear of his new environment and took over the house the minute he arrived as though he had always been here.  He continues to feel the same way.
This behavior demonstrates the trust he acquired from the care given to him by Robbi and Jerry.   I also appreciated the care package Robbi had sent to
me before his arrival and the vitamins she had been giving him along with instructions and information.
All of this assures me that I chose the right breeder and having frequent contact with Robbi confirms my opinion.  I feel that at any time I need information
or just a contact she will be there!
My greatest challenge was naming him. Since he is a southern boy I named him Beau.  I would recommend the cattery to anyone that wants a Maine Coon.  
If I should personally ever want/need another kitten I would definitely contact Robbi .
Phyllis S.   Sept 2015
Izzie and Addie are the most fun kittens we've ever had!  They are so curious and friendly. They follow me all over the house, chirping and trilling. It's so
cute. Addie loves climbing and jumping and Izzie likes to cuddle and play with the feather toy. If they get separated they call to each other until they get
back together. I'm thrilled with them!

Thanks too for letting me meet the other cats, kittens, dogs and puppies.  I love your set up! And I really appreciated you keeping in touch as the girls got
bigger, getting ready for when they could come home. It was fun getting  pictures so I could see how they were growing. I will definitely recommend you to
friends and when we're ready for another kitten we'll be back!

Thanks so much,

Hebe----- July 2015
I hope you can remember my Wally, he is the most gentle, sharing dachshund I've ever had. Wally has so many 4 legged friends & right now I'm caring for
my neighbors dogs, as one had to have ACL surgery due to a careless groomer. Wally has never had a sleep over friend but this week he has, they all
sleep w/me in my king size bed, which I'm grateful for or I'd be on the floor but he shares my attention & love with his 4 legged friends. Wally's daddy was
"Link" & he was scheduled to fly to California, but the "dog fairy" intervened &' he was mine��. I would be more than happy to do a testimonial but can't
seem to figure out how.!  It is a true test as to how you care &'love your Dachshunds & their puppies. Thank you so much for my "Wally". Suzanne Kilker,
Birmingham, Al.   July 2015
I was searching for Maine Coon Polydactyl kittens.  After contacting breeders and researching many catteries, l located Backwoods Cattery.  The kittens
had been recently born. I was sent pictures right away and negotiations were made in a matter of a couple hours.  I found Robbi Lamb very honest, had a
great sense of humor, and very considerate and extremely easy to work with. Although I lived out of town, I did not have the opportunity to actually see the
cattery. Robbi sent me pictures of the kittens every few weeks. From the pictures I could tell the kittens and their mother were well taken care of.  Robbi
was so considerate she had sent a “care package” before they arrived with cat food and suggestions.   
Having Kittens from age 10 and loving the breed I knew I could not go wrong with Backwoods Cattery.   The transaction went very smoothly and my
beautiful Kittens arrived on time on July 11, 2015, via air transportation.  It was love at first site for both kittens.  They arrived very healthy, well socialized,
and very affectionate. – I never would have guessed that their air transportation was a first time for them.    The kittens have been here living with me for
10 days and I feel like they have considered this their home from the very beginning.  I highly recommend Backwoods Cattery and purchasing a pair of
kittens at the same time, or any other breed that Robbi and her husband raise.  They have so much fun together. And I have so much fun and love for them.  
Robbi I can’t thank you enough and I hope you stay in business for a very long time!  July 2015
Hi Robbi-
The kitten is settling in well, and we love her!
It was nice to see you and Jerry again and see how your cattery has evolved over the years since I last saw you.  
You know, yours is the 3rd cattery I've used in the Atlanta/Birmingham/Huntsville area, and without question, you have the best animals, facilities, and
methods I've seen.  You have a beautiful place, and it is easy to see the care and attention to details that you and Jerry have put into things.  And I mean not
only with the facilities, but also with how you treat the animals with love and attention.  In my opinion, this translates directly to the personalities of the
animals when they go to their permanent homes.  
And, of course, it's also wonderful to meet and do business with people who are honest, open and happy about what they do like you guys!  Unfortunately,
that's not always the case in the world we live in.  If you ever have a potential customer that wants to speak with someone about their experiences with
you, please feel free to let them contact me directly.
I'll be back to get another beautiful Main Coon in a few years!
Tom   June 2015
Dear Robbi
I just have to say I have never meet such great people who really care deeply about what they do. They care for all of their animals and go way beyond the
norm. They have such great integrity.   We were very impressed with how everything is kept so clean and organized.  I have never seen anything like it.
Now talking about Robbi , I can't say enough, she was a great help.

Now for our little kitten, she is prefect now 4 months and over 5 pounds.  She has gone beyond our hopes for a beautiful and loving kitten.  We really love
her feet, she has 6 toes on each paws.  We can't say enough, we look forward to each day with her, she talks all the time too, omg, just like a kid, and
Robbi you were right, more like a dog than cat.

What a great companion she is becoming.

Bill & Laurel 5-2015

Hi Jerry and Robbi,

Just letting you know your little 'Love Bug' is doing great.  She's fitting in fantastically w the rest of my zoo crew and Frisky, my female I told you that needs
a playmate are now doing what I hoped....playing their butts off til 'Dixie'....'my little Dixie girl' wears down for a long nap.  Dixie is true to character of a
Maine Coon, she wants to be wherever I am in the house and even loves all the driving around doing errands with me.
I enjoyed meeting you two immensely and was very very impressed not with just the accommodations of your  breeding animals, but also of how incredibly
socialized, personable and healthy every single one of them are!  It's obvious this is your 'labor of love', I cannot imagine how you two have accomplished
such outstanding results except to say you two are outstanding people.  And how do you find the time to answer your phone each time I called, email
additional photos; in essence you were professional and sincere not only regarding the business aspect, but also of providing great service and of placing
pets in great homes.
Thank you so much for your hospitality during my visit and thank you for my exceptional Maine coon.  It was well worth the time and travel expense from
AZ to Al.

Ps....I will probably want a Dachshund next, I hope to see you in Al not too far in the future.

Keep up the amazing work you do to keep the Maine Coon a cat of awe and reverence.

Joyce Smith 6-30-14
Hey Robbi!  Haven't sent you an update on Odin in a while, so I thought I would drop you a line.  Also I have been meaning to give you a testimonial to add
your ever growing compliments.  .  We thank you guys and love Odin so much.  We want another one and have been checking your site every few day for
new updates.  We love it when you post new litters.  The wife is wanting a pure white male.  Poly is not a must but would be cool.  I love Odin's thumbs!
In March of 2012, I have saved up my Christmas and birthday money and couldn't really think of anything to buy.  I thought long and hard about it.  One day
as I sat at home I was brushing my big boy Maine Coon Alex.  He is getting up in years and I though how great it would be get another one.  So off to the web
I went.  I searched through a few sites and landed on Backwoods Zoo Crew.  Thought, this is cool!  Started looking through the available kittens and there
he was, the most beautiful kitten I had ever seen in my life.  He was only three weeks old, born on February 29th.  The description said Blue Poly Male.  I
know I had to have him.  I quickly called my wife.  Told her I knew what I was going to buy with saved up cash.  I told her I was getting a kitten!  Now mind
you we had MANY cats at this time, mostly my fault!  I am a tattooed tough looking guy, but put a kitten in front of me and I turn into the biggest softy on
planet earth.  LOVE KITTENS! So the wife wasn't so sure until I told her what I had found.  Then she was on board 100%.  I called Robbi and ask if was still
available and he was.  Sent my deposit and started the hardest wait of my life.  I must have bugged Robbi so much.  I would send emails and ask for
pictures and asked how he was doing.  I already had a name picked out for him.  Odin!  A great name for a mighty cat! Finally the day came when I got the
email saying he was ready to be picked up.  I was so thrilled!  I was like a kid at Christmas!  The wife got the address and directions, plugged the address
into my GPS and off we went.  GPS did great until we got to their drive way.  Back woods is right!  You could not have picked a more beautiful place to have
a cattery.  Out in the middle of nowhere, so peaceful.  We drive through the woods, down a small trail, and emerge at a grand location.  We stop the truck
and were greeted by large dog!  Robbi and her husband Jerry came out to greet us.  Two of the nicest people I have ever met.  They took us to the kitten
house.  At this point I am in heaven.  She gets Odin out of the room and hands him to me.   He was BIG and had big thumbs!  He was perfect!  We did all the
necessary dealing and then they gave us a tour of their place.  The cats are very well kept and my wife and I were very impressed with the way they handle
their breeding process and the upkeep of their animals.  I got to see Odin parents face to face.  His daddy was very impressive and his mommy was
gorgeous!  We collected my prize, said  good by, and headed home.  The trip home was great!  He slept the whole way.  We got home and wasn't afraid of
anything.  My birthday present to myself had picked my son.  Odin is now a little over two years old and is a giant.  His massive front paws are the talk of all
my friends and family.  People come to the to visit Odin, not me!  He is very gentle when he plays with our other cats.  He doesn't have a mean streak in his
body.  He is how ever a thief! Yes he takes things and hides them.  But we love him just the same.  He has loads of personality and charm.  He thinks he is
the king of the house.  I can say that Back Woods Cattery is the best place to get one of these giants.  They have big healthy cats and give you all the
information you need to make sure your cat stays healthy and grows big.  I can say that my wife and I are going to be visiting Robbi and Jerry again to get
another baby.  Thank you Robbi and Jerry for providing us with the greatest cat we have.  06-2014
3/14/14 - We have had our dear little Abbey, a longhair black and tan little girl for just over a week.  She is the most beautiful puppy.  She is not our first
puppy we have loved from Robbi and Jerry.  After bringing our dear Rosie home in 2002, we were hooked.  Then we had Ginger, Rosie's sister.  The pups
are so loved by Robbi and Jerry.  The facilities are so clean and the pups just thrive there.  I named my little Abbey at two weeks old, and when I picked her
at 8 weeks, she clearly knew her name.  She had been nurtured and loved by both of them, and it shows when she cuddles up around my neck at nap time.  
I can't thank Robbi and Jerry enough for their care, love, and devotion to each and every animal they bring into this world.  Anyone who visits them sees
that for themselves.  God bless Robbi and Jerry for the blessing of our dear little Abbey.

Fran Busi
Canton, GA
Dear Robbi,

Thank you so much for our new addition, Wojo.  You made the entire process so easy and patiently answered all of my questions.  

I commend you for the environment in which you raise your animals.  I was so impressed with the cleanliness and space for each animal.  You have a
beautiful cattery!

Speaking of beautiful, I'm fairly certain you gave us the most beautiful kitty in the world!  Not only is he gorgeous, but our Wojo has the sweetest and
funniest personality.  When I brought him into our home for the very first time, I planned on leaving Wojo in his open carrier in the laundry room, so he could
come out at his own pace.  Well, he immediately went through the laundry room, past the kitchen and into the bathroom where my four year old son was.  
He hasn't left my son's side since!  Everything Cam is doing, Wojo finds fascinating.  Cam feels so special that Wojo loves him so much.  Wojo has learned
so quickly how to be gentle with both our children.  They LOVE him!  It's absolutely precious. One of the first nights we had Wojo, he fell asleep in Cam's
bed and slept there the entire night.  

I recently had a Super Bowl party with about 10 people and the entire time, Wojo played out in the open, or went from lap to lap.  Everyone was astounded
by how brave, friendly and loving he is.  

You've created the perfect addition to our family.  We couldn't ask for a better pet.  We love Wojo so much!  Thank you!

Jessica Tanner
Huntsville, AL
April 2013
I purchased my first and only Maine Coon to date from Robbi at Backwoods Cattery around October of 2009 and I knew the moment that I first spoke to
Robbi that my search for a reputable breeder and kitten was over. Robbi is one of the friendliest, warmest, and kindest people that I have ever met and she
shared with me her vast knowledge about this breed and guided me through the process of purchasing one and was so patient in answering all of my
newbie silly questions...lol. During the entire time while I waited for the ‘perfect kitten’ Robbi advised me constantly on the current status of available
kittens and her plans for any upcoming litters that would meet what I was looking for. After a few months of patiently waiting, my newest family member
Tulo was born. Robbi shipped Tulo from Alabama to Colorado via the friendly skies in a perfectly set up crate and he arrived in fantastic health and was
purring and rubbing against me the moment that we got home. Two years later, Tulo is a beautiful young cat that weighs just over 16 lbs and is still growing
and is in perfect health. His personality is nothing but 100% sweetness and I am astonished by how smart he is as well. He has never been a lick of trouble
and is loved by everyone that see’s him. I can not stress enough the wonderful experience that I had with Robbi and Backwoods and would recommend
them to anyone who is considering a Maine Coon. Not only did I receive the cat of my dreams, but I also received a life long friend in Robbi! My only regret is
that I haven’t purchased another Maine Coon yet but when I do, I know exactly where he or she will be coming from. Thank you so much Robbi!
Mike Crist – Colorado
During Thanksgiving & the Iron Bowl 2011we had the pleasure of doing business with Nick Saban's family. His daughter contacted us via a referral from
their vet in Tuscaloosa, AL.  She was looking for a mini dachshund whom she was going to name Penny as she always gives her dad a penny for luck
before each game.  And we thank you and say ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!!!!         This is what Terry Saban offers:

Dear Robbi-

I can't thank you enough for my Maine Coon boys, Maverick and Wilson DOB 4/14/2011. You could tell the moment they came off the plane in Reno that
these were kittens that came from a loving, hands on environment. At just 9 months old, they are HUGE. Wilson is tipping the scales at a whopping 17
pounds and Mav'vers is close behind. They have the softest most luxurious fur I have ever felt and gigantic feet. Their lynx tips are an inch long and their
tails are like feather boas. They are supreme examples of Maine Coons and I am so glad I got both of them (especially since I couldn't choose between
them) because two is better than one. I check out your site on a regular basis to look at your new arrivals, and my only regret is that my husband says I
have to stop at two.

Vicki Skarda
We purchased a white, polydactyl Maine Coon from Robbi. the cat is now fifteen months old. He is big (so far, about 14 pounds and gains weight almost
every month), longer and taller than our other 'regular' cats. He really does resemble a white lynx. (we had friends over and the guy wanted to know what
we'd done to the big cat's ears to make him look like a lynx).
Well, obviously I did not have much to say. I'm a very tight lipped gal LOL
What can I say? I'm in love.
Kathi H.

We bought our black and white Maine Coon kitten from Robbi.  She arrived all the way from Alabama to CA., no worse for spending the day in a crate in an
airplane.  She is happy, healthy, socialized with both humans and dogs (shows no fear of our German Shepherd), confident and beautiful.  Thanks Robbi for
the newest addition to our family!
The Maine Coon Cat has been on my bucket list and after 20 years of wondering what they were like, I found Robbi.  The entire experience has been so
pleasant from first driving to the Country Home and seeing her magnificent animals to taking home my pair,  Marco and Polo, who have become the best
friends both hubby I have even known.  Thanks Robbi.

Jaynese and Jim Knight,  Bryant Alabama
Our Maine Coon cats are the joy of our life.  First we adopted Maisey who is our "big girl" at nearly 20 lbs of fluffy "blue patch" love.  Then we adopted her
true brother Breaux from a litter two years later.  He is a long, lean, silky "black smoke" boy with tons of energy.  Finally, when she retired, we adopted
their mother Vista, a spectacular "tortie" who demands lap time every evening.  My husband says she is the most beautiful cat he has ever seen.  The
three of them are healthy, happy, snuggly cats who wow our friends and family with their size and sizable personalities!  

We recommend Backwoods to others who are seeking purebred Maine Coons raised in a healthy, natural environment.  Robbi and Jerry Lamb are skilled
and caring individuals who have become treasured friends.

Janice & Buster Wright
Rome, Georgia
I had been researching for a good and reputable breeder for 6 months. I spoke with Robbi several times before purchasing my Mainecoon and she was
very knowledgeable and professional and helpful to me. She is also one of the few breeders that tested her Mainecoons for the Heart disease gene that
this breed is prone too as well as testing negative for FIV and FELV.  That alone sold me!  How grateful and wonderful to come across Jerry and Robbi
Lamb of  Backwoods Kennel and Cattery. I purchased a beautiful big cream male Mainecoon named Sully and a beautiful black smoke female Mainecoon
named Sophia. I was so impressed with the care and love that these babies received, not to mention the facilities and nursery area were immaculate and
fully equipt. My Mom and my friend Lisa and myself made 2 trips from Ohio to Alabama to purchase these wonderful babies!! We drove down to purchase
my male Sully and then 1 month later we went back down to purchase my female Sophia. My Mainecoons have been very friendly and very healthy and of
course exceptionally beautiful!!!!! In our household we have 4 cats and 1 dog and they all love each other and get along so well. In fact my Mainecoons have
been known to sleep next to our dog and wrap their huge paws around her!! I would certainly purchase from Robbi and Jerry again. It was the one of the
best things that I ever did!!!

Spoiled Cat Owners,
Kicsi and Francie Owen
Cincinnati, Ohio
My Friend Kisci had been looking for a breeder for Mainecoon cats for 6 months. She told me how good Backwoods kennel and cattery is. How they test for
all the illnesses that are common to the breeds they breed. So I came along for both trips with her to get her new furbabies. I was impressed as a pet
person by how clean the facility is and the socialization of all the animals there. I was very pleased to find out that the animals are breed only for a certain
amount of time and then fixed and adopted out. A practice that is not common in breeding but should be.
While there I fell for and got a Rottweiler female puppy. I named her Athena. Her recall on the trip home to Ohio was perfect. I have even been able to recall
her while my relatives dogs have ignored their owners and took off. She was top of her obedience class. Her social skills from the start with other animals
and people has been wonderful. She blended in with my pack (she was 1 of 5) immediately  when I brought her home. I can take her with me anywhere and
know she will behave and enjoy the trip.
Athena has been very healthy and will be 3 years old in April 2012. She has an amazing nose that I have learned the hard way to trust and follow. When
Athena was about a year old she began sniffing my old sheltie in the same spot whenever she came near. Had I understood we could have found the
cancer 2 months before the Vet did. I know I will be taking anyone else she 'points on' to the doctor immediately. I came down with a condition that causes
vertigo about a year and a half ago and Athena has been an amazing help to me. She knows when I have an attack and comes to my side to steady me. She
will then help me to my bed and lay across me and lick my arms and face till it calms down. By applying pressure like this she can help center me and help
me through it. She has been an amazing, loving, intelligent ,obedient, part of my family.
I am so grateful to have found Robbie and Jerry of Backwoods kennel. Their care and careful breeding have given us these wonderful healthy pets to
cherish. I am sure another road trip to Alabama is in our future.
Lisa Kirk
Cincinnati, Ohio
Maine Coon Kittens Purchased from Backwoods Kennel and Cattery, Centre, AL

In 2011 I purchased 3 Maine Coon Kittens from Robbi and Jerry Lamb, “Cricket” a white female in Feb, 2011, “Rocky” a red and white male in May 2011 and
“Obbie” a slate male in November 2011.  After the purchase of Cricket, I had to have another Maine Coon cat so I returned to purchase Rocky. After Rocky I
was not satisfied until I had another one and so I returned for the third time to get Obbie.  These are the most beautiful and lovable creatures you can have
in your presence.

Robbie and Jerry offer both healthy and beautiful pets. They provide you all the necessary information about nutrition, immunization, etc. to get you started
with your new furry friends. Upon arriving to pick up your pet you will have the pleasure of experiencing a peaceful and calm environment that only nature
can offer - the woods and all its beauty.

If you are in the market for getting a kitten or puppy for your family, I highly recommend the Lamb’s business. On a Scale of 1-10, Backwoods Kennel and
Cattery rates a 10+

Robbi and Jerry will conduct business with you in a courteous and professional manner.

Wilhemina – Birmingham, AL

February 8, 2012
My husband and I tried many Catteries looking for a Black male polydactyl MaineCoon. Some of these Catteries wouldn't even email us back. When all of a
sudden I came across Backwoods Kennel and Cattery. Was the best website I have ever found. We noticed that their cats just had some litters and low
and be hold there was a black male polydactyl kitten. I Immediately emailed Robbi that evening asking if the kitten was still available. Just as I was leaving
for work in the morning the phone rang and it was Robbi. What a wonderful, friendly lady to talk to. Yes the kitten was available and if we were interested
she would reserve him for us. Since we live in Canada I needed to know if she would be able to fly him to us. It was no problem. It was a sale. Robbi was
great the whole time we patiently waited to meet our new member of the family. She sent us updated pictures every couple of weeks. She answered all my
silly questions by phone and email. I emailed her telling her that my husband decided to name him Raskal, She emailed back telling us it was the best name
for him because he was just that, a little Raskal. Well it was time to drive to pickup Raskal from the airport. He had a very long day flying from Atlanta all the
way to Vancouver, Canada. He arrived at midnight and when we opened his kennel he snuggled and purred right away. He has not stopped since. Thank
you very much Robbi for such a wonderful kitten. I can definately say that Backwoods Kennel and Cattery is the place to purchase a MaineCoon if your
looking for a cattery that cares. You will not be disappointed.

Thank you

Linda, from Prince George, BC. CANADA
On or about march 2012, we started looking for a reputable breeder for Maine Coon kittens. We had contacted several breeders , but we could not find
what we were looking for. While searching the web for breeders we came across the Backwoods Cattery site, we pulled up the kitten page and there he
was, a 3 week old red & white Poly male. This would be our first contact with Robbi Lamb. We sent her an email for information and to our surprise
received a very quick response, this was a Plus. After speaking with Robbi we knew that we had found the breeder we were going to do business with, and
sent her a deposit for the kitten of our choice .Every week she would send us pictures and a update on how he was doing, and answered any/all questions
we had. (there were many) During a conversation with Robbi she had asked if we had ever considered getting two. then said two is better than one and
explained why. Well you probably can guess what happen next, your right! about 4 weeks later she called to ask us if we would be interested in a kitten
from another litter, she said this one is a black & white Tuxedo Poly Male. We asked her to send a picture of him, in a few minutes we had it. WOW this
was a replica of the cat we lost to age, after 18 years. Without hesitation we both said yes and sent the deposit. On August 26th, we drove to Centre
Alabama to pick up the boys.
We wish to take this time to thank Robbi & Jerry, for their time and hospitality. Upon arriving at there home, we were very impressed by the greeting we
received from both of them, they took the time to give us a tour of their property. We were very impressed with the Cattery and their kennels. Everything is
well maintained and very clean. They have beautiful breeding cats, not to mention there beautiful home on the mountain. Once again thank you Robbi &
Jerry for your honesty and your terrific breeding program which led us to purchase two very sweet and gentle Poly boys, our Vet was very impressed with
the quality of the boys, and they both passed their exam with flying colors. Oh Yeah! You and Jerry were right, two is better than one. Will continue to send
pictures, if you ever need a personal reference Please don't hesitate to give our name, tel. #, or our email address, Thank You again for breeding
Exceptional Maine Coons.

Pat & Don Chauvin
Orange City Fl.   
Mrs. Lamb,  My name is Dr. William Thompson, I am a small animal veterinarian in Alabama.  I purchased a yellow and white male kitten from you last year.  
On July 6 he turned one year of age.  He is tremendous in size and frame weighing over 18 pounds.  He has the best temperament of any kitten I've ever
known.  Great with my small kids.  He will jump into the bath with my children, sit in the spa steps of my pool, and carries a ball around the house.  Aubie
"Kitty Muncher" is an important part of my family.  You were easy, honorable and up front in our dealings.  I would gladly do business with you again.  
Thanks Doc
We had been wanting a Maine Coon kitten for some time and started out looking into several catteries in our area. We contacted catteries that would only
allow visits at certain times on certain days with allot of prior notice. When we contacted Backwoods and spoke with Robbie and Jerry the first time, they
were very quick to respond with, “let us know a day that would work for you and we’ll be here”.  We told them of specifics that we wanted; a male, a
classic brown tabby and with Porter or Stryker as the father. They kept us in the loop of new litters that were coming available. We made a visit to the
cattery and were EXTREMELY impressed with ALL of the animals that live there, dogs and cats alike. They are all obviously well-loved and very well treated.
All of the homes for the animals are hand built by Jerry and are beautifully crafted with allot of room and comfort areas for them. The area for the mothers
and new babies is so well maintained and kept. The room where the kittens are weaned off their mother is very “homelike” and inviting for the kittens.
When we went to visit the cattery they had 3 litters of kittens. Robbi had very little sleep as she had a mother cat that had had a tough delivery, we could tell
the cats and kittens were very much loved like family and that their well-being was her focus. On that trip we were shown the little man we had been
searching for, he was still several weeks out from being able to come home with us and Robbi was very cautious of us not touching him at that time to
make sure we didn’t disrupt the order of things with his mother. This solidified to us that she was always thinking of the animals first and what was best
for them versus making the “sell” by letting us touch a furry little kitten.  In the time between our visit and our return to the cattery, Robbi kept us up to date
on the kitten we chose by email and pictures.  She was helpful and patient with our questions and ensured that we had everything ready to bring our little
guy home.  When we came back to pick up our little man, Khaos, we were given the opportunity to have his sister come home with us as well. Our little girl,
Mayhem is a gorgeous, solid white, polydactyl with such an amazing, loving personality. These two little ones are beautiful kittens that we have no doubt
will grow into magnificent adult cats, thanks in part to the love and care they received at Backwoods.  The kittens are very playful and loving. We can’t wait
to get home to spend time with them.  Robbi was very thorough with all the initial information on feeding, vet visits, vitamins, etc. Our vet was impressed
with the information we had for our kittens. We want to give a HUGE thanks to Robbi and Jerry for the two wonderful additions to our family.
Melissa and Kevin
Huntsville, Alabama
December 2013
Hey Robbi,
Mojo was neutered about a month ago.  He is doing wonderful at almost 8 months old weighing in at just a little over 16 lbs. He is beautiful. I have attached
some photos of Bailey and Mojo so you can see just how beautiful he really is. I love every minute I get to be home with my babies. I like taking him to the
vet and people get a look at him and say ohh my goodness such a beautiful cat....I smile real big and say umm he is still a kitten. He is only such and such
months old. Their eyes get huge. We recently bought him a toy that is supposed to encourage critical thinking by putting treats in it and they have to figure
out how to get it out....hahaha....he sticks his big foot in it and turns it upside down. I told Mojo well that is one way of doing it. I can't even really put in words
the joy I feel with my cats.Thanks a million! You guys are the best! If you are ever this way or near Savannah give me a call because I would love for you too
be able to see him again!

All Smiles,