Our Female Maine Coons
SWEET girl and such a love bug!
JOLEE as a kitten.

Breeze is a BEAUTIFUL red tabby with white. She has extreme ear tips along with a great
bullseye pattern. She is as sweet as she is beautiful !!!
As an adult.....big AND beautiful !!
GORGEOUS black smoke front poly.  Our sweet girl Lacey
This is Halo, our calico girl. She is as goofy as she is pretty.  
All she wants is for someone to touch her & rub her belly
We have retired several of our older queens and have added some beautiful new additions.  
You can see them below. Let us introduce our ladies in waiting, our future queens.
Our black smoke at 12+ weeks of age.
We are very excited to add another black
smoke to our breeders.
This is Autumn and Bronson's daughter
and will replace her mom as one of our
favorites. Above at 6 weeks old.
These sisters are out of Halo and our Polish import Dyce.  VERY nice kittens and will prove
to throw us many beautiful kittens in our future.
We have BETSY, the calico, and FREEDOM, the black and white.
Above at 12 weeks of age.
We can not thank Grace enough for these beauties out of Long Island.  Both are very big boned and both
have great patterns as you can see here.  Approx. 5+ months old.  These are not sisters but come from a
breeder that also breeds for the larger size Maine Coon.

What a "bullseye" pattern
this beauty has !!!!
Contact info: Robbi & Jerry Lamb
Phone# 256)475-5262
Fax# 256)475-6222
E-Mail backwoodszoocrew@gmail.com
As an adult.
Sima, a beautiful classic brown female.  Her daddy is our
calendar cat, Bronson.